My Studio

My studio is my favorite place to be. I have always had a love to create new things. I find peace and fulfilment when I am in this space.

About The Designer

Meet the creative soul behind Designs by DRL- a seasoned educator turned artist and jewelry maker. With two decades of teaching experience, I've honed my skills in understanding the intricacies of beauty and form. Through the lens of an artist, I now weave stories of elegance and charm, crafting exquisite jewelry pieces that capture the essence of life's wonders.
My journey from the classroom to the studio has been guided by an unyielding passion for art and an unwavering commitment to capturing the world's inherent beauty. Whether it's the delicate petals of a flower, the play of light on water, or the graceful curve of a dancer's movement, I find inspiration in every facet of life.
As a jewelry maker, I infuse my pieces with the same dedication to detail that marked my years in education. Each creation is a testament to my belief that true art lies in the perfect fusion of aesthetics and emotion. My tagline, 'Perfectly Beautiful,' encapsulates the ethos that drives me - to create pieces that not only adorn the body but also resonate with the soul. 

Join me on a journey of artistry and craftsmanship, where I continue to celebrate the symphony of life's beauty through my jewelry creations. isn't just a website; it's a testament to the unending pursuit of perfection and the celebration of the exquisiteness that surrounds us.

My pieces are crafted with the finest of materials and an attention to detail. Most of my pieces are one of a kind. Items are updated frequently in my shop. Please look around and enjoy the shopping experience.

Denise Roberts-Lowe